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An Anthology about overcoming life struggles, and disappointments through courage and determination. 

In "Destined to Win" seventeen amazing women were bold enough to tell their own experiences to win in life, despite anything that tried to hinder them.

For many, that’s not an easy thing to do because of hurt or shame. As you read these stories, I’m sure many can relate to what they encountered in life. As we all know that struggles, disappointments, tragedies, and setbacks are very common in everyone's lives; however, the difference is how these women responded, acted, or reacted to those unforeseen or uncontrollable instances. They shared their stories with transparency and truth which allowed the readers to understand what they went through or endured, and to feel their emotions, pain, or hurt. Thank God they didn’t stop with just talking about the problems or the issues in their lives, they shared how those situations did not deter them from overcoming those obstacles!